Fuel Your Round - Youth Edition!

Ever felt sluggish moving into the back nine? In order to play our best and get around all 18 holes performing at our highest level, we have to provide our bodies the fuel to our fire.

First, let's talk hydration.

When youth perform physical activity, their bodies have a challenging time adapting to extreme temperatures. With summer heat quickly approaching, it is important to remember that exposure to high temperatures or humidity during a round of golf can cause youth to produce more heat which in turn causes irregularity in body temperature. As a result, core body temperature can increase to unsafe levels.

It is vital to ensure kiddos are consuming adequate water intake to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Food for thought...

A key component of keeping those sluggish feelings away is bringing a snack that will keep energy levels high. For this purpose, think carbohydrates. For youth, the majority of calories come from carbs because they provide vitamins, minerals, and the fuel (glucose) that the brain, nervous system, muscles, and red blood cells require.

Good carbohydrate sources include whole grains and whole grain products such as oats and oat products, 100% whole-wheat bread, fruits, and vegetables. Bran and bran cereals are also wise choices.

Try to steer away from white bread, sugary cereals, and other refined grain products that lack dietary fiber and other nutrients.

Preparation is key!

You never know when the beverage cart is going to make its way around. Don't wait until you are on the course to think about hydration and a snack. Throw a quick snack and drink in your bag before teeing off to ensure you are on top of your game.