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Connecting the Swing & Human Movement System

Delivering more consistent swings. Increasing control. Improving your game.

Golf Fitness

in-home workouts

Take part in weekly Peak Golf Live fitness classes that tackle flexibility, strength, stability, mobility, and balance.


virtual swing analysis

Using modern technology, we will assess your swing and outline areas for improvement.


Practice plan

Using your swing and fitness assessment, you will be prescribed a custom plan to improve your game.

functional fitness assessment

Cookie cutter programs aren't going to get you where you need to be. We work one-on-one with you to take your game to its Peak.





Access daily workouts on your schedule from any device. Commit to your success, and take the steps to play and feel better.

Golf Instruction with RJ Milford,

we want you to play at your peak

Through personalized functional assessments, we will identify your limitations and provide you with corrective exercises and motor learning drills to have you playing and feeling your best.


Lowering your handicap is hard. But when you get the support you need, it becomes a whole lot easier to perform at your best.

Through PEAK GOLF LIVE, we give you the programming and coaching you need to produce immediate results.

There is nothing worse than giving it your all & not seeing results

​With Peak Golf Live

  • Increase FLEXIBILITY and ROTATION of your back-swing

  • Increase CORE STENGTH to enhance CONTROL

  • Improve BALANCE for more CONSISTENT ball striking

  • Increase STRENGTH and explosiveness to add DISTANCE

  • Increase CORE STENGTH to enhance CONTROL

  • REDUCE low back, elbow, and wrist PAIN


Your scorecard is suffering and you aren't enjoying the game you love.

This is the case for too many golfers when they don't train their bodies using the right programming, phases, and coaching to develop the physical abilities for success.

With the PEAK GOLF LIVE model you will:
Strike more consistently. Increase your distance. Lower your scores.

how to begin

Step 1. Watch "How It Works"

Learn from our skilled PGA Pro  how the swing is connected to your physical abilities.

Step 2. Enroll in a Program

Choose the Peak Golf Live that best suites your commitment level. 

Step 3. Play Better Golf

Use the classes, tools, practice plans and coaching to drive success.

our knowledge and expertise


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Gain speed and distance with Peak’s personalized golf fitness experience.

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