specialized fitness and athletic training 

Work one-on-one with our expert coach

custom program

Finally attain your fitness goals with private, one-on-one specialized fitness and athletic training from expert coaches.

Your program is designed specifically for you based on your current fitness level to get the results that you have been looking for!

personalized attention

Training is completely private in our one-on-one training studio and begins with a functional fitness assessment. We take a look at your bodily movement patterns, your endurance levels, and learn why improving your fitness matters to you. 

Together, we tackle your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths by designing a customized, progressive training program that is challenging and fun.


Youth Athletic Training

Elevate your athlete's performance with training to maximize their potential. 


Decrease risk for injuries, increase their level of competitive play, and give your young athlete more opportunities for success. 

Whether they are trying to make the team, get more playing time, or reach new levels, they deserve the best chance to reach their potential.

By training with Peak, youth athletes improve strength, endurance, speed, balance, power, and flexibility to perform at their best. 

All Peak programs include quarterly performance evaluations.

Expert Coaches

Using our team’s knowledge and experience, we help you build a better body to reach your individual goals.

Work one-on-one with Peak’s skilled TPI certified, PGA Pro, personal trainer who is dedicated to improving your abilities and making fitness fun!

exclusive service

Your success is our priority. With the level of care and attention Peak provides, we cap the number of clients our trainers work with.


peak pointS

achievement rankings

The Peak Junior Athletes Achievement system was created to provide recognition for both athletic achievement and good behavior. It’s a progressive accumulative point system with monthly and annual rankings. At the end of every period, the participant with the highest number of points is awarded a prize.


The achievement system can be viewed here and is updated weekly.



Designed for athletes to build overall athleticism through movement, strength, power and conditioning.

  • Up to 4 Participants Per Session

  • 60 Minute Weekly Session 

  • Individual Monthly Fitness Assessment

  • 3-Month Program


$150/Month for MSG & SJMSAA

Personal Training Golf Fitness The Peak


Highly specialized sessions custom designed for specific needs or experienced athletes

  • Private Training Session

  • 60 Minute Weekly Session

  • Individual Monthly Fitness Assessment

  • 3-Month Program


$175/month for MSG & SJMSAA

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