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who we are & What we do

In an effort to help others improve their overall wellness, RJ Milford founded Peak Level Performance - a platform for affordable fitness no matter your age or ability level. 

Working out of The Peak Studio in Jacksonville, Florida, RJ provides in person one-on-one personal training in our fully private fitness studio. 

With a background in sports and fitness, RJ is able to assess your movement patterns, develop realistic goals, and implement a fitness program so you get the results that you have been looking for.

RJ Milford, Founder

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Golf Fitness Specialist

TPI Certified, PGA Golf Professional
Teaching Instructor at Golf Etc Ponte Vedra

In addition to RJ's expertise, the Peak team has yet another resource for clients to utilize. With a love for health and wellness, Holly Crotty joined the Peak mission in 2018 to help others live healthier lives through behavioral coaching.

Holly Crotty, Partner

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist

what makes us different

When it comes to fitness, everyone's needs vary! We created a program with various levels of offerings so that we can best service your individual needs and goals. 


No matter your age, ability levels, or exercise experience, you will be able to enjoy any of our offerings.

Helping you reach your fitness goals is our top priority. Our National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Coaches implement structured goal setting concepts to help you set and achieve your goals.

the Peak app

Peak was created to help others, no matter your age or ability level, to stay fit without ever having to leave the house.


Our Certified Trainers develop new, exciting workouts every week so that you stay continuously challenged. The workouts are structured so that you can complete them at home with minimal equipment and on your own timeline.


If you enjoy the gym, take the app with you for expert guidance and direction. It is like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

With the Peak program, you will enjoy a workout routine designed with your overall fitness in mind. The workouts focus on maintaining and improving your strength, stability and flexibility.


Even better, customized training programs are available. PEAK Members receive personalized workouts designed specifically for you so that you achieve your fitness goals!

getting started

Performance Membership

Best for the person seeking guidance when working out. You are a self starter, but are looking for direction when getting in a home workout or are at the gym. 

All Performance workouts are designed with low weight, low resistance and low impact exercises so that they are suitable for any user of any age.

PEAK Membership

Designed specifically for you to reach your individual goals. With the PEAK Membership, you will virtually work one-on-one with your Peak Coach.

The PEAK program begins with an assessment to determine areas for improvement, acquire baseline metrics, and outline your goals and a path to achieve them. 

From there, you will receive a new, expertly designed workout each week that strategically progresses you to success.


the app

Download the App on your favorite devices. Take us with you wherever you go, and get in a great workout!


recommended equipment

Recommended Equipment for In-Home Workouts:

 - Lightweight Dumbbells
 - Resistance Bands
 - Swiss Ball
 - Foam Roller
 - Yoga Mat

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