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Rj Milford

Whether you’re new to golf, or looking to perfect your swing, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s take your game to the next level!

Swing Assessment

Begin Your Journey to Better Golf

Meet with Coach RJ to assess your swing and outline areas for improvement.

Coach RJ is a PGA Professional who has worked with clients of many different ability levels from a person who has never touched a golf club before to players on the Professional level. His passion is to make sure he has clear way of articulating to his clients the aspects of the golf swing in a positive and understanding environment.


Not only is Coach RJ a PGA Professional, but he is also TPI certified and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with an additional certification in Golf Fitness. He thoroughly enjoys working with all players of all skill levels, but personally loves seeing someone develop from a true beginner and novice to the game to someone with a passion for the game and wants to play continuously.  



K-Vest is used by over 50 of the Top-100 Coaches on Golf Magazine's Top-100 list, numerous golf academies, universities, high schools and juniors. The product has been designed to help players develop to reach their potential. Golf Etc. uses the K-Vest to quickly show you simple fixes that can vastly improve your game.  We have several programs/drills to help you learn how to swing efficiently and make better contact every time.

Golf Etc. uses the games most advanced launch monitor to help you improve your game.  As the only launch monitor in the industry to utilize Quadrascopic imaging, the GCQuad delivers the most accurate detailed picture of ball and club head performance analysis.  Get a detailed understanding of what your club is doing and how you can improve.

Golf Etc. is one of the only golf stores in the Jacksonville area with the Virtual Green. This technology allows us to replicate any putt in golf. Learn how to play the break and read greens properly. Transform your putting game with the ultimate putting experience. 


Coaching and providing an enjoyable learning environment for our clients has been our primary focus since 2010. We have seen too many facilities that showcase an intimidating environment for the ones who have never been part of a country club. Come as you are, and let's have some fun!


We enjoy coaching all players (newbies, juniors, professionals, etc) but we have a specialized skill set that has helped grow the love of the game from the ground floor. Building confidence in our players and providing them with development programs to learn the basic fundamentals of the swing to understanding how kinematically and sequentially the body works, to providing our clients the best matchups for each person. We want to help all of our clients!


Get in touch to schedule your first Golf lesson! 

Tel:  (904) 675-1516
Location:  Golf Etc. Ponte Vedra | 10870 US-1, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32081

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