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Classes and programs for all ages geared toward youth and families to stay more active and healthy.

Build healthy habits and create lifelong memories with PEAK fitness classes.

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Youth Fitness Training

Elevate your athlete's performance with class, semi-private, or personal training to maximize their potential. 


Decrease risk for injuries, increase their level of competitive play, and give your child more opportunities for success. 

Whether they are trying to make the team, get more playing time, or simply stay more active, they deserve the best chance to reach their Peak potential.

By training with Peak, children and athletes improve strength, endurance, speed, balance, power, and flexibility to perform at their best. ​

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Positive Reinforcement

The PEAK Junior Athletes Achievement system, referred to as "PEAK Points", was created to provide recognition for both athletic achievement and good behavior. It’s a progressive accumulative point system with monthly and annual rankings. At the end of each month, the junior with the highest number of points is awarded a prize!


The achievement system can be viewed here and is updated each month.


What Our Clients Say

Our son participates in high level junior golf tournaments. Fitness is a big part of his plan to compete at this level. Peak Level Performance has built a routine catered to juniors to help gain strength, flexibility, and balance through positive coaching.

Brian, St. Augustine, FL

We enjoyed the event, and we appreciated learning specific exercises that will help our kids excel in golf and in life.


We look forward to participating more in the future.

Kip, St. Johns, FL

Expert Coaches Dedicated to Your Success

Your success is our priority. We cap the number of clients our trainers work with to ensure the best service and personalized attention. 

Using our team’s knowledge and experience, we help our juniors build a better body and a stronger mind to reach their individual goals.

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