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Improve your game from tee to green with personalized golf instruction

Expert advice from an experienced coach

Since 2011, RJ Milford has been a Class A PGA Professional ​and taught thousands of golf lessons to players of varying skill levels. In his time as an instructor, he has developed an understanding of how the body functions and how muscular imbalances prohibit certain movement patterns from happening in the golf swing. Not only is RJ a PGA trained golf instructor, he is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Golf Fitness and uses his knowledge of the body to help students overcome muscular imbalances that are causing certain swing patterns, and balance issues that may be the root cause of inconsistencies. This combination is well suited for all players, ensuring that, even as we age, we are able to swing the club freely, and with confidence.  He takes an approach that is not taught solely on the range, but on the course itself because that's where the game is actually played.


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