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After School Fitness Program

Designed to keep youth active, engaged, and encouraged

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Building Healthy Habits

Designed for grades K-5, Peak After School programs are FUN!


Coaches encourage active lifestyle habits and create a lifelong passion for health and wellness.


Weekly lessons are centered around a Peak core concept with the 8th week reviewing all of the concepts: respect, responsibility, confidence, courtesy, sportsmanship, trustworthiness, and fairness.

Fun, Engaging, Collaborative

Our participants enjoy a variety of games and fitness challenges that test and develop their physical abilities, keep them engaged, and require them to work as a team.


Most importantly, activities are planned to be FUN!

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Sports Shoes

What The Kids Need:

  • Athletic Clothes

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Water Bottle

Program Schedule

Loretto Program

Tuesday: Grades K-2

Thursday: Grades 3-5

One-hour session hosted once per week for 8 consecutive weeks.

Cost per child: $x

Register Grades K-2
Register Grades 3-5

Types of Exercise Activities

Our programs follow the CDC guidelines for school-aged children and incorporate the following three critical areas for youth development:


1. Aerobic

Most of the 60 minutes or more per day should be either moderate- or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity and should include vigorous-intensity physical activity.


Some of our favorite activities include jump roping, jogging, and running tic-tac-toe.


2. Muscle-strengthening

As part of their 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity, children and adolescents should include a muscle-strengthening physical activity.


For youth that are between the ages of 6-12, we recommend exercises such as modified push ups, planks, bodyweight exercises, and exercises that include tube bands.


3. Bone-strengthening

As part of their 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity, children and adolescents should include bone-strengthening physical activity.


Some of our favorite exercises to improve bone density include repeat jumps, depth jumps, agility drills, and plyometric movements.

According to the CDC, youth and adolescents between the ages of 6-17 should be exercising moderately to vigorously at least 60 minutes per day. Peak’s after school fitness program provides children of all abilities with an opportunity to be active while instilling positive character traits, healthy habits, and learning to work with others.


Example Outline

  • 10 minutes - Warm-Up Activity and Introduction of the Week’s Concept

  • 15 minutes - Activity Station One (building in week’s concept)

    • 5 minutes - Water Break

  • 15 minutes - Activity Station Two (building in week’s concept)

    • 5 minutes - Water Break

  • 10 minutes - Cool Down Activity with Review of the Week’s Concept